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The Kibble Nibble is the new interactive way to feed your dog his kibble! Wondering what a Kibble Nibble actually is? Well it’s an egg shaped treat dispenser that dogs will need to bop or nudge with their paws and nose to make the kibble come out.

Advantages of using a Kibble Feeder

There are many advantages for an egg or ball shaped feeder. It makes meal times last longer to help with digestion. It aids with obesity and excessive eating, distributed their meal over a longer period.

What is the Kibble Nibble?

Using a dog treat dispenser ball or Kibble Nibble can also give physical and intellectual stimulation. The random movement of the egg is designed to satisfy his or her prey drive, making it great for terriers and working breeds. You can buy it on Amazon for less than £10.

kibble nibble

What’s it made from?

It’s made from non-toxic materials and also has the added advantage of rubber bumpers which keep the noise down and stop it from marking floors or furniture. The Petsafe guarantee covers the product for 2 years so that you can be assured of the quality of the product.

Blake loves it!

Blake loves to bop his egg and we’ve found that it’s something he enjoys doing. He bops it with his nose and also with his paw! It’s a great distraction for him during stressful times such as strange visitors or during fireworks. He would totally recommend the Kibble Nibble to his fellow doggy friends!

What food should you put in the Kibble Nibble?

We use Iams in it because they are a small sized kibble and easily dispensed from his egg.

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