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Patterdale cross spaniels are a rare dog breed, as infrequent as they are unusual. This is because they require a patterdale terrier and a spaniel mix – not all too common! The result, when both breeds work together, is a small-to-medium sized dog with the appearance of its parents. So what do you get with a Patterdale cross Spaniel?

Patterdale Cross Spaniel Temperament

This crossbreed has its own personality and temperament which sometimes includes stubbornness and independence. It will also have the need to chase small animals, so it becomes necessary for owners to work on training the new pet so that these tendencies can be dealt with appropriately.

Choosing a Patterdale Cross Spaniel

When choosing a patterdale cross spaniel, consider its health history and hips before deciding whether or not this is the right dog for you. If it has been bred or purchased from someone who does not know much about spaniels, then you should look for another dog chosen more carefully.

Different types of Patterdale X Spaniel Dogs

Bearing in mind the high number of spaniel dog breeds, you can get many variations on Patterdale cross Spaniel dogs.


The springerdale is a cross between a Patterdale terrier and a Springer Spaniel. The result is an extremely energetic dog! Springers are gun dogs and will naturally hide in bushes because their instinct is to await for the instruction and for the prey to call – then they will dart out and retrieve it. Combine this with the Jack Russell who has an inbuilt prey drive for chasing squirrells, rabbits rats and in fact anything that moves – and you’ve got yourself a whole bundle of energy!

Springerdales can be up to medium sized and may look like a larger Patterdale terrier (or smaller springer) with drop ears.


A Cockerdale is a cross between the Patterdale terrier and the Cocker Spaniel. A cocker spaniel is smaller than the springer spaniel and so these are much smaller dogs overall. The Cocker spaniel is a field hunting dog. Again this cros breed is extremely energetic.

A springerdale or cockerdale will probably inherit the cocker spaniel type fur and so expect to spend more time or money on grooming than you would on Patterdale terrier grooming.

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  1. Very interesting reading. We rehomed a patterdale and was thinking of breeding him. I know now that it would be too much work with spaniels. However I did have 2 sprollies for 14 years.

  2. Hi l’ve got a rescue 50% springer 30% patt the rest is border – lakeland – and jack Russell.. result of dna test .. any advice or observations- he’s 1 thanks


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