5 Patterdales to Follow on Instagram

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Are you a fan of Patterdale Terriers? Want your Instagram feed to be completely filled with Patterdale cuteness? Here are our top Patterdales to follow on Instagram! Blake, Otis, Buzz, Bonnie and Prinko!


Of course, our very own Blake the Patterdale is top of our list. Possible Patterdale Jack Russell terrier cross, Blake is an RSPCA rescue Patterdale who we love dearly and devote our lives to training and rehabilitating! He has been a handful that’s for sure! Look out for walkies and training sessions in his Instagram stories.

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Sitting by the fan to keep cool! #heatwave

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Gorgeous Puppy Otis is next on the list! Born in September 2019, Otis is now nearly one. He’s a gorgeous Patterdale X Lakeland who loves woodland walkies and sharing Ice-cream with his humans!


Our Pal Buzz is next on the list – he’s featured on our Facebook page a few times too! Buzz is 5 years old and living his best life in Herefordshire. How amazing is his personalised dog bandana?!


We can’t leave the gorgeous girls out now, can we?!? Here is the beautiful Bonnie from Lancashire celebrating her 2nd birthday – give her a follow!

(We think Blake might be in love with this beauty!)


What a gorgeous Black Patterdale Terrier Prinko is! He has very passionate patterdale parents who treat him and love him dearly. Oh, and he seems to be the King of his Dads bar!

If you know any more gorgeous Patterdales to follow on Instagram please comment on this blog and we might even add one or two more to the list!!!

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