Padded Dog Harness

Padded Dog Harness

A padded dog harness is a great way of giving you more control of your dog while they are on the leash, especially if they are bad walkers. We have all experienced the hassle of getting a harness onto your dog, chasing them around until they finally and reluctantly step into the harness. Padded harnesses … Read more

Should my Dog have a Dog Collar?

should my dog wear a collar

Choosing a dog collar is probably one of the most important choices that you will make for your pet. A dog collar needs to be secure and sturdy so that it does not break while he/she is leashed. It also shows that your dog is owned and should contain an identity tag to help you … Read more

Pill Treats for Dogs Review

Pill Treats for Dogs review

Does your dog need daily medication for and ongoing medical condition? Do you find it challenging to get your dog to take his pills? Today we are going to review pill treats for dogs by Rosewood. They have helped our terrier Blake to take his dietary supplements successfully and so we highly recommend them! Discovering … Read more

Banana Dog Treats

banana dog treats

Our crazy Patterdale terrier Blake absolutely loves banana! I’ve never had a dog who likes banana before, but he really goes mad for it! Banana is OK for dogs in small doses, but they shouldn’t be eating it in large quantities. So, if your dog loves banana too then consider trying out some of these … Read more

Waterman’s Luxury Dog Shampoo

Watermans luxury dog shampoo

This week, we have tried and tested Waterman’s luxury dog shampoo. Now, Waterman’s is actually a brand that specialises in human hair products….but they certainly got this luxury dog shampoo right! Introducing Waterman’s luxury dog shampoo Waterman’s have developed this specially formulated PH balancing pet shampoo that can be used on both dogs and cats. … Read more

Cows Ears for Dogs

Cows Ears for Dogs

Every dog owner is looking for natural chews that will keep your dog happy whilst being good for their health at the same time. Cow ears completely fit the bill – they are great for dogs. Can dogs eat cows ears? Can dogs eat cow ears? Yes, they are a safe and healthy food for … Read more

Best Food for Patterdales

best dog food for terriers

Terriers such as Jack Russells and Patterdale terriers generally have quite a sturdy stomach! But it’s still important to find a food that suits your dogs taste and stomach. Diet has a big impact on your dogs health and coat. So, what is the best food for terriers? Why a Healthy Diet is so important … Read more

Irish Rover Dog Treats

Irish Rover Dog Treats

Have you ever given your dog own label or branded dog treats?  Chances are if you have, they were made by Irish Rover.  Irish Rover has been making dog treats for brands and own labels for over twenty-five years, and they now sell a range of healthy dog treats direct to the public. Irish Rover … Read more