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Spaying is basically neutering of a female dog and it is recommended by most vets in bitches that are not intended to have litters. Many people often ask me should I get my female Patterdale terrier spayed? Of course if you want to breed from your Patterdale terrier then you wont want to get her spayed until she has had a few litters.

Why I Regret not Spaying our Terrier Cross

I have learnt the hard way. When I was younger we had a gorgeous terrier cross called Suzy. Me and my sister were just kids at the time and my parents were in charge of her medical care. To cut a long story short, there was a nasty divorce and although my mom intended to get her spayed she couldn’t really afford it. In her younger years Suzy got impregnated by her neighbourhood boyfriend! (Don’t worry – we found good homes for all the pup for free!) In her older age she suffered quite a bad womb infection which caused her pain going to the toilet and ultimately ended her life. She was 15 and lived a good life on the whole, but due to these two issues I regret that she wasn’t spayed at a younger age.

How often do Patterdale terriers come on Heat

Female dogs tend to come on heat every 8 months or so. They will bleed and get anxious and many of them will be followed by male dogs on every walk. It is the. few weeks AFTER their period that they are fertile. This can impact on their quality of life and temperament.

Spaying to Control Unwanted Litters

Unwanted litters are difficult to deal with, they cost time and money and can sometimes result in more dogs in rescue centres when there are already more than enough rescue dogs needing homes. And so the primary aim of spaying is to limit this. In developing countries where there are massive stray dog problems, there are charities who are working on spaying and neutering programs to try to keep the numbers of abandoned and neglected dogs down.

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Spaying for Temperament

Spaying can also control temperament in bitches. Patterdale bitches can become extremely aggressive when in heat (poor Blake got bitten by one!) Also make dogs can become aggressive around bitches if they are fighting for a mate. Spaying helps to control this.

Spaying to Reduce Medical Issues

By spaying, you can reduce the risk of many commonly encountered reproductive diseases like pyometra. Pyometra is the presence of pus in the uterus and so spaying can prevent this because both the uterus and ovaries are removed. Many vets also argue that spaying can reduce the chances of mammary cancer in female dogs.

How and When to get your Patterdale Spayed

Always take your vets advice on how and when to spay your female Patterdale terrier. It will be done in vets surgery with aftercare guidelines for postoperative care to avoid infection after the op. They operation to spay a female is slightly more complex than neutering a dog because her organs are on the inside. However, it is quite a routine procedure. Usually most vets will advise to spay your terrier after her first heat. There is no medical evidence that suggests it is better to spay your bitch after her first litter.

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