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When I decided to write this blog, I thought – this is going to be a really easy one! You see our Blake is a rescue Patterdale and coming from a bad start in life via the RSPCA we knew he was going to be a handful. We are experienced dog owners and could commit the time and money to a good training routine. But still, you will never believe these 5 naughtiest things my Patterdale has ever done….

#1 Ate my Husbands Glasses

One day while we were out he needed to find something to chew on other than his ‘hoof’ provided. This ended up being his Daddy’s glasses. And not even a cheap pair. That night out just added an extra £190 to the bill!!!!

#2 Pinned a Frenchie by the ear!

Blake was going to visit a Frenchie to play in the park. Now Yoda had been a friend of Blakes at doggy daycare and we thought that they were going to be fine together. But he barked in her face and she was Antsy due to being on heat. She went for him, and he retaliated holding her down by the ear! Very strange – he did not tear her ear and the dogs were relatively easy to separate. We think it’s the canine version of getting someone in a headlock!

why you should adopt not shop
But look at that face!

#3 Tried to Bite one of our Best Friends!

When we very first got Blake he was scared of most strange men. Maybe we started to socialise him a bit too soon, but just weeks into getting him we visited friends for a Christmas dinner. He BARKED solid for almost the entire time and went for one of our best friends! Thankfully he was on lead so we could control him. We socialised him in moderation after that! How embarrassing….

#4 Smashed up the Christmas tree Decorations

We adopted Blake at the start of December in time for the Christmas tree. In the early days when we left him, we forgot about the chocs on the tree. of course they had disappeared with just the string to be seen. But Blake’s quest continued and he removed even the glass baubles. He took them into his bed and smashed them. Now we saw all of this unfold while we were watching him on Dogcam from the sister in laws. I did a rather loud and bad swear as Sy shot up to drive back to him!!! When we got back Blake was sitting in his bed like butter wouldn’t melt, with broken glass baubles surrounding him!!!!

Rescue Patterdale dog
Butter wouldn’t melt!

#5 Switched on the Hairdryer – on the BED!

Another left at home story for you. When the parents are away, Blakey will play! Now as he had separation anxiety quite bad, we started to give him the run of the house which did help with that. BUT I forgot to switch off the hairdryer. When we got back the house looked all ok and we walked upstairs thinking it had been a successful outing without him. Sy then said to me ‘what’s that noise?!’ Well he had not only taken the hairdryer onto the best but also SWITCHED IT ON! On the duvet. This could have caused an accident and so every time we leave the house we not only have to empty all the bins but also unplug things as well!

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5 thoughts on “The Naughtiest things my Patterdale terrier has ever done!”

  1. Worst thing my Paterdale did chased sheep and badly injured 2, I ended up in court and paid a hefty price (deservedly) for it. She ran away doubled back about a mile and found the sheep and the rest is history. She is 10yrs old now and I still love her to pieces but can never trust her again. ! So be warned she never showed any interest before…….

  2. I just found this post and it didn’t half make me chuckle. I’ve had two patterdales, they are handfuls but my god are they smart. My second one is 15 now and has only just outgrown his menacing, it is a sweet relief to no longer panic every time I hear a dog barking in the distance – for over a decade you could have bet money on it being him, chasing an unsuspecting cyclist or the milkman, harassing my neighbours in their own garden, oh the shame. He was near impossible to contain in his youth, so nimble he could leap a 6ft gate with barely a run up or dig for hours and create a tunnel under the fence and get out of his crate by doing funny jumps that loosened the bottom tray, allowing him to force the upper part over his head and then drag his body through, unreal. Nowadays he’s not interested in escaping or hunting (thank god) but my older girl (she lived till 18) was still going down rabbit holes when she was frail and blind, she was much better behaved than our current lad though and the most tenacious hunter I’ve ever known. Wonderful dogs!

  3. The above comments and your blog remind me why I rescued my boy. And the ups and downs and I’m not the only one out there. Thank you

  4. Our gorgeous little big dog ate something he shouldn’t. God knows what. Sadly he got a punctured gut and went downhill quickly. He was only 10mths old. I miss him like crazy.


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