Halti Training Lead – Best Option for Pulling Dogs

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Terriers are renowned for pulling on the lead and being a bit of a challenge when trying to teach lead manners! After all, they were bred to run free and hunt. It’s important of course for your dog to get off lead exercise, but ultimately your dog will need to learn to walk on a leash for situations such as street walks, going to the vets and going from the house to the car. A Halti training lead can really helped with your dog’s lead manners.

Introducing the Halti training lead

The Halti training lead has trigger clips on both end making it versalite and adjustable. It’s a sturdy training lead and we use this type of lead in Blake’s lead manners class because you can attach it to both the dog harness and the dogs collar at the same time and hold it securely in the middle, like you see here in this Instagram video:

This means that the Halti training lead is an excellent option for dogs who pull because the bulk of the pulling can be taken on their back but you still have the ability to control the dogs head because the other end of the lead will be attached to the dogs collar. The collar is the place where the dog will feel the tugs to refocus him/her and stop the pulling, so it is important not to do lead manners with your dog on a harness only. We use a training lead along with the perfect fit harness.

For walkies that are compression walks where you dog is going to have a sniff and explore in a more relaxed environment, you can use the Halti training lead as one long lead. Attach it to your dogs harness and then make a handle using the clip at the other end, so he can enjoy his walk like with plenty of slack this…

You can also use it on the collar only and ‘double it up’ to make the lead shorter, like how you see it being used on this dalmation….

Halti training lead doubled up

In fact, the Halti can be used in 7 different ways in total…

  1. Short length for heel training or normal walking
  2. Medium length for obedience training
  3. Long length for recall or distance work
  4. Hands-free dog training – clip to your dog walking belt
  5. Two dogs on one lead – making use of the double ended trigger hook
  6. Easy, supervised tethering
  7. Double steering for optimum HALTI control

You can get the Halti training lead on Amazon in Red or Black and also there are two different sizes available depending on the needs of you and your dog.

Halti training lead for dogs

Advantages of the Halti Training Lead

  • Strong and Durable
  • Secure clips on both ends
  • Clips can attach twice (split lead) on the collar and harness to give more control
  • Adjustable lead length using clips
  • Easy to handle

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