Patterdale X Staffy

Patterdale X Staffy

Are you interested in a Patterdale X Staffy? It’s important to understand both of these breeds vefore you make your decision. A Patterdale Terrier crossed with a Staffordshire Bull terrier can be fiesty with a lot of energy! But they can actually make excellent family and companion dogs. Let’s take a look at each of … Read more

Patterdale Terrier Whippet Cross

Patterdale Terrier Whippet Cross

Today we are talking about the qualities of a Patterdale Terrier Whippet cross. A cross between these two dogs will give you a high energy and friendly dog who is a fast runner. I’ve owned one of each of these breeds during my lifetime, but never a Patterdale cross Whippet! Let’s take each breed in … Read more

Pocket Pitbull

Pocket Pit Bull

First off, what is a Pocket Pitbull? A Pocket Pitbull is a cross between an American Pitbull terrier and a Patterdale Terrier. However, do not let the name fool you, these are not small dogs but more of a smaller version of the parent breed. This adorable, loving breed is known by many names. Pocket … Read more

Reasons To Own A Patterdale Cross

Patterdale Cross

The last few decades has shown us that cross breeding the Patterdale Terrier is not just beneficial for overall canine health, but also how the careful selection of parents can create new and wonderful hybrid pups. From Patterpoos to Patterjacks, a crossbred Patterdale is a fantastic, lively and energetic addition to any household. Not only … Read more

Patterdale Beagle Cross – Patterbea

The Patterbea is a sweet natured small to medium-sized dog, crossed between a Patterdale Terrier and Beagle. They can be quite stubborn so they require an experienced owner and lots of mental stimulation. Both parent breeds are hunters, so Patterbeas love to chase. This also means they are easily distracted and are likely to wander … Read more

Patterdale Lakeland Cross – Patterland

Patterland Patterdale Terrier Lakeland Cross Dog

The Patterland Terrier is a cross breed dog with one parent a Lakeland Terrier and the other a Patterdale Terrier. A Patterdale Lakeland Cross (AKA Patterland) is a small, sturdy dog with a feisty, but affectionate personality. They love to chase and are fast, agile dogs. Given the chance, they can get up to all … Read more

Patterpoo – The Patterdale and Poodle Cross


The Patterpoo is a crossbreed between the Patterdale Terrier and the Miniature Poodle. Since the 1980s breeders have been crossing breeds with Poodles thanks to their low shedding coats. The Patterpoo is the result of such breeding.  Patterpoos are a small breed, usually growing between 10 and 15 inches. A healthy adult weight is 4-6kg … Read more

Patterdale Terrier Cross Dogs

Patterdale Terrier Cross Dogs

There are so many different cross breeds nowadays that they are beginning to be recognized as breeds on their own. Careful breeding has resulted in lots of Patterdale terrier cross variations, as has accidental breeding! They are such a great all-round dog that crossing with compatible breeds has given us some wonderful crossbreeds. Let us … Read more