Can Patterdale Terriers Swim?

Can Patterdale terriers swim

Can Patterdale terriers swim? Well the short answer is yes – most of them can. BUT, the more complex answer is that not all dogs can actually swim, contrary to popular belief. They only way that you can know if your Patterdale terrier can swim is if you see him swimming successfully! Patterdale Terriers as … Read more

5 Patterdales to Follow on Instagram

Patterdales to follow on Instagram

Are you a fan of Patterdale Terriers? Want your Instagram feed to be completely filled with Patterdale cuteness? Here are our top Patterdales to follow on Instagram! Blake, Otis, Buzz, Bonnie and Prinko! @BlakethePatterdale Of course, our very own Blake the Patterdale is top of our list. Possible Patterdale Jack Russell terrier cross, Blake is … Read more

Can Patterdales live with Cats?

Can Patterdales live with Cats

Patterdale terriers are high energy dogs bred in the North of England for hunting. And so it’s no surprise that I get asked so frequently about ‘Patts and Cats!’ It’s definitely a concern that as a cat owner, bringing a patterdale into the house can certainly shake things up a bit. Can Patterdales live with … Read more

Red Patterdale Terrier

Red Patterdale Terrier

The Patterdale Terrier is a bold, tenacious dog with a stout and stocky body. They are able to work easily across hilly terrain and in heavy vegetation. The red Patterdale terrier has a distinctive red-looking coat and is rarer than black and brown pups. Red Patterdale Terrier – Breeding and Origins The Patterdale Terrier was … Read more