Patterdale Terrier Weight

Patterdale terrier weight

The Patterdale Terrier has its origins as a working terrier with heaps of stamina.  They were originally bred to run all day with the foot packs of the Lake District and have a lighter, sleeker appearance than the other terriers from the area.  There used to be a saying about the working Jack Russell and … Read more

Patterdale Terrier Temperament

Patterdale Terrier Temperament

So, you’re thinking about getting a Patterdale terrier? It’s a brave decision! Don’t get me wrong, I adore high energy breeds such as the Patterdale terrier and Jack Russell Terrier. But there’s a lot you should know about the patterdale terrier temperament before you commit to owning a dog of this breed. Strong Prey Drive … Read more

Introducing the Working Patterdale Terrier

working patterdale terrier hunting rats

Fiesty and highly energetic, this dog was primarily bred for hunting foxes and badgers, and still gets used as a ‘working dog’ today. Let me introduce you to the working Patterdale terrier. Where did the working patterdale terrier originate? Sometimes referred to as the black fell terrier, the working patterdale terrier is a beautiful breed, … Read more