My Dog is a Velcro Dog!

My Dog is a Velcro Dog

A Velcro dog is a dog that wants to constantly be near their owner and follows its owner wherever they go. Your dog may be following you from room to room but, is this normal? If your dog follows you and is clingy then they may have the desire to be close to you. Certain … Read more

Indoor Games for Dogs

Indoor Games for Dogs

Lockdown has been continuing longer than anticipated here in the UK! But worry not, there are plenty of indoor games for dogs that will keep you and your pooch entertained. Here are some of my favourites… Dog Puzzles and Games can play a variety of different indoor games with their dogs.  Some of these indoor … Read more

How to Stop Dogs from Fighting?

How to Stop Dogs from Fighting

Many dogs can get along with one another especially if you have brought them up together but sometimes your dog may encounter a dog they do not like. This could be outside or within your household. Dogs are social animals and normally 2 female dogs, 2 males, both or even dogs with an age gap … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick Me?

Why Does My Dog Lick Me

Let’s take a look at the true reasons why our dogs lick us!  We’ll take a look at the reasons and explore what the behaviour means.  You know that your dog licks themselves as a method of self-grooming. You probably know that a dog licking his or her lips in certain circumstances is a sign … Read more

Popular Terrier Breeds

Popular Terrier Breeds

Twelve popular terrier breeds, in no particular order of merit or popularity.  We have sorted them alphabetically to show no favouritism!  Airedale Terrier Meet the King of the Popular Terrier Breeds – the Airdale Terrier. Airedale’s are significantly taller than other terrier breeds at around 56-59cm for females and 58-61cm for males.  They have a … Read more

Dog Tug Toy for Terriers

Dog Tug Toy

Terriers love to chase and also to tug. And what’s more fun than a game of tug-o-war with your dog? These kind of games keep your doggy healthy, both mentally and physically. It does not encourage them to be dominant, but rather reduces the likelihood of dogs having aggressive issues because they are expending their … Read more